Thursday, October 8, 2009

cupcake tattoos

I'm crazy for cupcakes...I love all of the colors, designs... and of course the tastes... cupcakes are adorable & YUMMY. Do you love them as much as I do? And if so, would you ever get one of these? Most of these are a little too crazy for me, and I don't even know if I want a tattoo yet...but these are fun to look at anyway.

sometimes simple is best. found here.

cute red bow on top! found here.

i love this one. a little too big for me though. found here.

a girl cupcake & a boy cupcake. found here.

eh. found here.

my little pony! this one is really happy. found here.

ouch. looks like it hurt! found here.

peacock feathers, a pin-up & a cupcake. found here.
this one cracks me up. found here.
& click here to see a cute finger cupcake tattoo.
& click here to see my favorite. it's little and adorable.


  1. a cupcake tattoo? wow, thats a lot of cupcake love. i think behind the ears is a good spot for a tattoo

  2. wow, they really must love their cupcakes :)

  3. love it! congrats on the giveaway on feather.

    Now i want another tattoo!

  4. Hiya cupcake! You won the Feather Report app giveaway. Email me so I can send it to you:)

  5. wow, i'm not sure i would go that far for a cupcake...i love dessert, but i prefer cake to cupcakes.

  6. i like all the tattoos can wait to get mine

  7. thats cute muh gurls name is cup cake